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We do more then designing websites, we help good businesses grow.  

Its a great feeling when you launch a new website for a customer as it comes after what is always a great journey with our clients as we learn about their business and get to know them personally. Its always an exciting time during launch however the biggest reward is when our customers tell us a month down the road how it has changed their business or life, how they have had to hire to keep up with demand, or how they have had record sales, or even how they have had more people contact them then ever before. These are the moments for us that make us smile from ear to ear, this is why we love doing what we do.   

We are two best friends that share a passion for great design who cant think of anything we would rather be working on then building websites that are visually compelling, functional, immersive, intuitive and above all affordable. We don't just copy and paste, we focus on the small details, whether its editing videos, photo shopping every picture if needed, cutting out backgrounds or scratching our heads about how to code that one feature we just have to add to your site.  


"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

- Steve Jobs


Our Story

We are a small team who does big things! We started Creative Anchor out of our love for design and the joy we get when helping people and businesses launch great websites. We wanted to start a company that does not cut corners yet can create websites, apparel and marketing for people on a budget. 

Our Inspiration 

We are inspired by great design and the world around us. We are always looking to try the next new thing or bend the rules to make something unique yet beautiful. We like to look for inspiration from past designs to the latest trends. We are also inspired by our families who keep us sailing forward and afloat when the ocean gets wavy. 

Our Method 

This is where we are really different. We work closely with our customers to truly understand their business, goals, where they are coming from and who they are on a personal and professional level. This way we we can build them a website they are proud of and that properly represents their business and who they are. 

Our Goal 

Our goal is to help people and businesses create a strong brand and marketing presence that can really change their business and lives. We want all of our customers to be super successful and we go to great lengths to do so, because if they are successful then so are we. 

Meet the Team 

Jordon White

I have years of experience in marketing, web development, photography, and SEO. I have worked with some of the world's largest brands. I am passionate about design and marketing and take great pride in helping companies spread their message and see real growth.  

Ashley Gauthier 

I have an advanced diploma in graphic design and have been working in the industry for six years creating marketing materials, displays, and branding for companies of all sizes from startup to fortune 500. I enjoy being creative and working with people to help bring their visions to life.  


We love to support local charities and initiatives. We are also big fans of the oceans if you couldn't tell! So that is why we offer printing on recycled shirts as they are made from recycled plastic which helps save our oceans. The proceeds from our Creative Anchor line of apparel goes to helping local charities as well as cleaning up the worlds most important resource. Want to learn more about the charities we work with?  


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